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Music Production, Recording, Mixing, Artist Development, Voice-overs, Music Videos

Strawhorse Studios is a high end recording studio in Los Angeles, CA

We have artists flying in from United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, Australia, United States to record here

Strawhorse Studios is an 1800 square feet facility with great sounding large live rooms that can accommodate live bands, string ensembles and horn sections and we have a large control room - tuned by Allen Sides (Ocean Way)

We combine the best of the analogue and digital world with a Pro Tools Ultimate HDX rig 32 i/o, a vintage MCI console, API, Avedis, Neve, and a variety of boutique microphone preamps


We have a  great selection of both vintage and new microphones, outboard compressors, reverbs, amps, instruments incl a B3 hammond Organ from 1954 with a Leslie 122, Rhodes MK1, Wurlitzer 203, Wurlitzer 140b, Pianet t, Juno 106, Juno 6, Moog, Modular Doepfer synths, Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute drums, guitars from Fender and Gibson, Fender and Vox guitar amps and much more...

- and great coffee of course...

We are fully COVID vaccinated

We have teamed up with some top video production people that can shoot and edit videos of you performing here at the studio, ready for Youtube and other social media

Let us know if you need help with accommodation - there's a good selection of hotels close to the studio.

Music Production/ Recording/ Mixing/ Music Videos

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Los Angeles, CA, USA

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